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Independent Drive Test - Dehradun

   KPI        Month      (2G/3G) (2G/3G) (2G/3G) (2G/3G) (2G/3G) (2G/3G) (2G/CDMA) (2G/CDMA)
Call Attempt Aug-17
Blocked Call rate (<3%) Aug-17
Call Setup Success Rate (>=95%) Aug-17
Call Drop Rate (<=2%) Aug-17
Rx Quality (>=95%) Aug-17
Handover Success Rate (>=95%) Aug-17
Download Throughput(Kbps) Aug-17
Upload Throughput(Kbps) Aug-17
Web Browsing Delay (sec) Aug-17
Video Streaming Delay (sec) Aug-17
Latency (msec) Aug-17
Handover Success Rate (>=95%) Aug-17

*Tata 2G (ICR) & Tata CDMA (ICR) was not measured on 1st day, resulting in lesser # of call attempts.

*Calls did not initiate in the outskirts of the city for RCOM 2G due to lack of coverage.

*Call which are failed due to termination number issue are not included in results for Telenor 2G (109 failure) and Tata 3G (48 failure).

*Vodafone has disabled ICMP on its network

Legends:  Area(Call Drop Rate)

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